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Watercolor painting of an egg with a green apple inside in a landscape of blue sky an yellow wheat field, surrounded by splashes of red outside the egg
14" x 20"
Watercolor painting landscape with a collaged image of blue sky above a yellow wheat field surrounded by exuberant brushstrokes of blue and yellow
Watercolor and collage
18" x 24"
large bright watercolor painting of broken, highly decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs
watercolor on paper
22" H x 30" W
watercolor painting of a large Ukrainian Easter egg (pysanka) surrounded by smaller white eggs
watercolor on paper
18" H x 24" W
watercolor painting of three white eggs all in a row followed by a brightly decorated Ukrainian Easter egg (pysanka)
watercolor on paper
16" H x 24" W
watercolor painting of a grinning skull surrounded by blood spatter, smudges, and the letters TUCSON
watercolor on paper and cardboard
20" H x 26" W
Watercolor painting of an animal skull with a green apple in the right eye socket
watercolor on paper
30" H x 22" W

In these paintings, my art takes a turn towards more personal imagery that explores broader social themes and ideas, such as life, death, and alienation, and issues such as what is happening in my ancestral homeland of Ukraine.

Please note that the thumbnail images at left show only part of each work. Click on the image to see the full painting.