Theresa Markiw Watercolor Works
Green Apple TriptychUp (Peppers)TangerinesThree Pears on Azeri KilimOranges with Green AppleYellow Tomato With OkraPersian Carpet Still LifeApples and NectarinesOnions on Red CarpetGreen Apples in Persian BowlApricotsNectarinesWhite PeachesGreen Apples and Oranges on CarpetPlums on Azeri KilimCatawba GrapesAzeri Apples and PlumsApples and Bananas
Not-So-Still Lifes
I use color, pattern, and form to explore simple, elemental objects, both through their formal visual properties and as characters in a broad social narrative.

Please note that the thumbnail images at left show only part of each work. Click on the image to see the full painting.