Theresa Markiw Watercolor Works
Artist, Nature Lover, World Traveler

I have been making art since I could hold a crayon. It started with clouds, sunflowers, and alligators, and progressed from there . . .

From childhood I was strongly influenced by nature and by the art traditions of my Ukrainian upbringing – the rich colors and intricate designs of embroideries, woodcarvings, pysanky (decorated Easter eggs), and Byzantine icons.

Many years of art study heightened my love of nature and the capacity for close observation. I am an intensely curious observer of people and the social condition.

Years of living and traveling abroad expanded my aesthetic understanding and artistic vocabulary. The arts of the Far East and Eurasia resonate in me, and have led to a fascination with multi-patterned Mongolian wall hangings and Azerbaijani carpets, as well as Chinese and Japanese art.

I combine the play of color, pattern, and form with nature and simple objects, and overlay the whole with humor or social observations.

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